Holiday Treats and Gifts for Kids Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

The holiday season is upon us! It’s a time for togetherness, gift giving, treat baking, and celebrating. For kids undergoing orthodontic treatment, like braces or Invisalign®, there may be some treats they will have to skip this year, like hard and chewy candies. Instead of focusing on what they can’t have, we want to drum up excitement about their orthodontic treatment and the goodies they can still enjoy! Here are some fun holiday treats and gifts to help your kids appreciate their smiles.

Soft baked goods are in the clear

If baking a nice soft batch of cookies is one of your kid’s favorite holiday traditions, braces are no problem! Sticky, crunchy cookies or toppings should be avoided, as they may become stuck in braces, cause swelling, and even damage appliances. Fortunately, soft cookies and chocolates are safe for braces. Just make sure to have your kids brush their teeth after enjoying these sweets.

Surprise them with a novelty toothbrush

A fun toothbrush can turn a chore into a treat. Toothbrushes that play music make oral hygiene cheery and help kids brush for longer. To really get your kids enthusiastic about tooth brushing time, check out the MagikTM AR Toothbrush from Colgate®, which helps your kids learn effective brushing habits while playing augmented reality games.

Customize their aligners

If your child is undergoing treatment with Invisalign, exciting cases or stickers can be a fun way to help them personalize their smile and enjoy wearing their aligners! To keep your child and their orthodontic equipment safe, make sure you purchase stickers designed for the outside of aligners. The Invisalign website has several different packs of aligner-safe stickers, like animals, emojis, foods, or sports, as well as special cases

Pick out an orthodontic equipment bag

Sometimes kids can feel overwhelmed by their orthodontic care and equipment. Picking out a fun bag or container can be a great way to help them feel comfortable about the task at hand! Whether it’s their favorite color, pattern, animal, character, etc. on their new bag, giving them a personalized accessory for their orthodontic care routine can help them stay excited about their treatment. 

This holiday season, help your kids celebrate good orthodontic care! If your child is ready to begin their smile journey, book an appointment with Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics today.