Your First Visit








Is your first visit to our office coming up? This page will answer all of your questions on what to expect when you first come to see us.

Congratulations on taking your first step toward a beautiful smile! The goal of your first visit to Hutta & Hutta is to answer any and all of your questions before getting started with the process of straightening and beautifying your smile. We want to ensure that you begin treatment 100% worry free. This visit is basically a consultation; it will consist of an examination, and a discussion of options if you are ready to begin treatment. You can expect that this will all take roughly an hour or less. During the examination, we will take some digital photographs of your teeth, and also a digital panoramic X-ray so we can really see what is happening with your mouth!

After the examination, one of our board-certified orthodontists (Drs. Hutta and Hutta) will determine your treatment needs, and let you know what you can expect from that treatment. We will address any concerns you have at this time, because the point of this visit is to make you (or your child) feel comfortable moving forward. Once we have decided on a course of treatment, we will discuss fees and payments so that everything financial is figured out before we start! Your visit will then conclude and we can schedule future appointments at this time. At the end of your first visit to us you should feel excited to begin working your way toward your new smile! Don’t wait to create your best smile; call us today to book your complimentary first visit!