Treatment for Children








Did you know that the optimal time to begin treatment is when your child is seven years old, or as soon as they begin showing signs of orthodontic problems? It is so important to bring your child in to see us, even if that is at a younger age than you may have anticipated! By starting treatment so early, we can give your child the most efficient and effective treatment possible; our younger patients are typically treated for minor orthodontic problems that would have turned into serious problems had they waited longer to come in and see us.

Even if orthodontic treatment is not yet necessary for your child, bringing them in for checkups allows us to screen their teeth for potential issues so we can start treatment as soon as necessary. We have both worked with many, many children, and know how to make your child feel comfortable here at our office. The orthodontist is not a scary place! So we work hard to make our office as appealing to our younger patients as possible. Come in and see us, so we can make your child’s smile as perfect as they are!