Braces-Friendly Recipes for Culinary Arts Month

Jul 1, 2023

July is Culinary Arts Month! So, in honor of the culinary arts, we’re taking a look at a few foods that you can enjoy—whether you’re wearing braces or Invisalign®. Though you may have some restrictions regarding what you can and can’t eat during your orthodontic treatment, there are still many healthy and delicious food options to cook and indulge in.

Below are fun recipes from each region of the United States that you can try cooking all month long. See the links below them for more information on the recipes. Then, go ahead and cook up some healthy, delicious, and braces-friendly meals!


American Chop Suey: This Italian-American dish consists of elbow macaroni, ground beef, tomato sauce, seasonings, and sometimes grated cheese. It’s soft and braces friendly!



Shrimp Creole: This braces-friendly dish has cooked shrimp in a mixture of tomatoes, onions, celery, and bell peppers, spiced with hot pepper sauce or cayenne-based seasoning, and served over steamed or boiled white rice. 


Mission Burrito: This very large burrito is filled with meat, beans, rice, and additional flavor-enhancing ingredients such as cheese, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, or jalapeños. Enjoy this tasty, braces-friendly option, and be sure to load up on all the healthy add-ons!


Detroit-Style Pizza: This square pizza is similar to Sicilian-style pizza. It has a deep-dish crust, toppings, such as pepperoni and olives, and is served with marinara sauce on top. If you have braces, just remember to cut off the crispy crust!

We hope you have a happy Culinary Arts Month and try out some of these popular dishes from across the United States! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your favorite, new braces-friendly meal! If you have any questions about what foods you can or can’t enjoy during your orthodontic treatment or if you are ready to book your next appointment, call our team at 614-423-8177.