Orthodontic Survival Guide for Summer

Summer is here, which might mean you’re swapping some indoor activities for more time in the sun. With the rising UV index and fun get-togethers that come with the heat, it might be hard to stay committed to your orthodontic routine. However, it’s more important than ever to maintain your regular appointments and oral hygiene habits to avoid slowing your smile’s progress. Follow these tips to have a great summer with your braces, aligners, or retainers!

Vacationing and camping

If you’re going on vacation or headed to a summer camp, it’s always important to pack the essentials for your appliances. Poor oral hygiene could lead to cavities, discoloration, or extra time wearing your braces or aligners. And forgetting your aligners or skipping a retainer could lead to regression and longer treatment. Be especially mindful of packing the following tools if you are headed somewhere remote:

  • Toothbrush 
  • Floss and floss threaders
  • Toothpaste
  • Orthodontic wax
  • Plastic case with your aligners or retainer
  • TYLENOL® for potential soreness (aspirin and ibuprofen can impact your treatment)
  • Mouthguard for sports

Braces-friendly summer treats

There are many foods that we associate with summer. But not all of them are braces-friendly. If you’re wearing braces, choose soft treats that won’t get stuck in your teeth, such as popsicles, smoothies, or watermelon (be mindful of the seeds!). Avoid all things hard, sticky, or chewy (think: caramel corn, corn on the cob, and hard pretzels). With Invisalign®, you’ll have more flexibility since you can remove your aligners before eating. However, no matter what kind of treatment you’re undergoing, always be sure to brush, floss, and clean your appliances for a healthy smile.

Outdoor orthodontic care

With the summer comes more outdoor activities. If you’re spending hours out in the sun, apply sunscreen to your face and a lip balm with SPF to your lips. Stay hydrated with plenty of water and limit sugary drinks, like Gatorade, lemonade, or soda. If you play sports, like beach volleyball or basketball, wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and braces. Oral injuries are preventable but can often lead to high dental bills, lots of pain, and broken orthodontic appliances.

This summer, keep up with your normal oral hygiene routine, continue visiting us for appointments, and be mindful of your treatment. Follow these tips, and you’ll be smiling even brighter by the end of the summer! Call our Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics team at 614-423-8177 for questions or to begin your smile journey.

Help Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Orthodontist

The journey to a healthy, happy smile is certainly an exciting one! However, for young children, any new doctor’s appointment can be intimidating. It’s essential that all of our patients feel comfortable in our office, and we work hard to make sure your kids enjoy every trip to see us. In preparation for your child’s first visit, there are several things you can do to keep them confident and smiling. Read on for our top pre-visit tips!

Be optimistic about visits to the orthodontist.

As parents know, attending appointments can seem scary, especially for younger children. But in reality, it is just the opposite! When you mention visiting our office to your child, let them know how excited we are to see them and remind them that coming to Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics is a positive experience. Be sure to make every visit an exciting part of their routine. Something simple—like going out for braces-friendly ice cream after appointments—can make kids eager to see our team.

Start visiting early.

Seven is the recommended age for children to see an orthodontist. Even if they don’t need treatment quite yet, we will screen for potential issues and see if early treatment is beneficial. In some cases, interceptive care allows us to treat problems less invasively or even prevent issues from developing altogether. Bringing your child at this age also acclimates them to our office, helping them feel comfortable with orthodontic appointments and our team. We love when our youngest patients look forward to seeing us as much as we look forward to seeing them!

Help them learn the facts.

When preparing your child for their first appointment, they should know what to expect. And make sure to focus on the positives! When kids and their peers start getting braces, misinformation and pessimism can spread quickly. We will give your child all the correct information about their treatment. It is helpful for them to get reminders at home as well. For example, many kids bemoan food restrictions that go along with braces. Remind them of the countless options they still have while emphasizing the importance and benefits of orthodontic care.

Stay up to date with our rewards, contests, and events.

Here at Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics, we love creating fun opportunities for our patients! Patient Rewards Hub points, exciting contests, and events help kids feel more enthusiastic about taking care of their teeth and orthodontic appliances. To help facilitate their excitement, follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@huttaandhutta) for all the latest—from contests and giveaways to fun happenings in the office. 

Getting Your Best Smile With Invisalign!

The school year is coming to a close, and summer is just around the corner. For many families, this time of year means graduations, summer parties, family gatherings, and more! Now is the perfect time to start your alignment journey so that you can have a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Are you worried about shiny braces showing up in photos, restricting your food, or getting in the way of life? Invisalign® could be your answer! Read on to discover how Invisalign works and why patients and orthodontists love it.

How Invisalign transforms smiles

Invisalign uses a series of clear, retainer-like aligners to guide the teeth into place—tray by tray and week by week. These plastic aligners are made with advanced 3D computer imaging technology to fit your smile perfectly. Aligners are worn 20-22 hours every day during treatment, and every week or two, you’ll swap trays and get one step closer to your dream smile!

As much as we love seeing our patients, we know you are busy—especially during this time of year. Invisalign means fewer trips into our office and more flexibility within your schedule. With Invisalign, you will visit us for periodic checkups. We will ensure treatment is going smoothly during these visits, make any adjustments to your plan if needed, and provide the next batch of aligners.

Why patients and orthodontists love Invisalign

Just like the name implies, Invisalign is nearly invisible! You can undergo orthodontic treatment and achieve a straighter smile without noticeable brackets, wires, or metal. Discreet treatment means you can take all your graduation, summer, and party pictures without worrying about braces taking center stage. Since aligners are removable, you can take them out to enjoy any foods you want at the community barbecue, summer wedding, or pool party. (Always brush after snacking and pop your aligners right back in!) 

With braces, patients may find brushing and flossing more difficult as bits of food become lodged or stuck in the appliances. Having fully removable aligners makes oral hygiene a breeze so that you can enjoy a healthy, happy, and beautiful smile journey.

Start your orthodontic transformation

Having an aligned smile can change your life! A study conducted by Invisalign found that 92% of respondents felt much more confident after they transformed their smiles. If you or your child are ready to achieve a healthy, happy grin without braces this summer, book your appointment with our team and ask us about Invisalign!

Don’t Be Fooled By These Myths

This month, don’t be fooled by orthodontic misconceptions! Though pranks and jokes may be fun, believing smile misinformation is no laughing matter. Here are five common myths about orthodontic treatment and the truth from our team.

MYTH: You’ll give up all your favorite foods with braces

Many patients think that they’ll have to give up all of their favorite foods when they get their braces on. It is important to keep in mind that certain foods can be troublesome. Foods like popcorn, hard candy, corn on the cob, etc. should be avoided, as they can damage brackets and wires. Fortunately, there are so many foods patients can enjoy! Cut up fruits and veggies, chocolates, ice cream, or peanut butter sweets are some of the many safe-to-eat snacks. Enjoy foods you love and maybe even find a new favorite!

MYTH: Braces are always very painful

Another common misconception is that braces are very painful. Here at Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics, that is not the case! We use only the most advanced technology, making treatment more comfortable and streamlined. For instance, we are proud to transform smiles with self-ligating Damon Braces. There are no elastics or metal ties and no need for tightening. While patients should expect some mild discomfort, braces’ painful reputation is outdated with our new technology.

MYTH: Once braces come off, treatment is over

Even after your braces or Invisalign® come off, your orthodontic journey is not over. Continue wearing your retainer as instructed by Drs. Hutta and Hutta to ensure the longevity of your smile. Otherwise, your teeth may shift and regress. Think of it like the dentist—you get your teeth cleaned twice a year, but you still have to brush your teeth every day to stay healthy! Make sure not to underestimate the importance of wearing your retainer. 

MYTH: Braces are bulky and clunky

In the past, many found braces to be bulky and too noticeable. These days, that isn’t the case! We’re pleased to offer options that provide effective treatment while fitting our patients’ lifestyles. With Invisalign, patients wear invisible aligners that gradually move the teeth into place. Damon Braces are also discreet, offering clear brackets for a less visible, clean look.

MYTH: Braces and aligners are just for kids

Unfortunately, many adults who need orthodontic treatment do not seek it out since they think braces are just for kids. This is not true! Patients can achieve an aligned smile at any age. Not only does treatment help boost confidence and satisfaction with your smile but getting treatment can also help prevent further issues down the line.

This April, know the facts about orthodontic treatment! Ready to start your journey? Schedule your appointment today. 

Sleep Better—Starting With Your Mouth!

Did you know that March is Sleep Awareness Month? We know that sleep supports a healthy immune system, combats disease, and boosts your mood. But did you realize that orthodontic treatment could be a solution to some sleep woes? In fact, orthodontists can help you catch up on z’s by correcting issues with your teeth and bite. In honor of the month, we’re raising awareness about how your sleep and smile are interconnected.

Sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common but serious condition where a person repeatedly stops breathing during sleep due to their airway collapsing. In response, the body wakes up so breathing can resume. This cycle continues to repeat itself upwards of 400 times per night. Over time, sleep apnea is dangerous for heart health and leads to daytime fatigue. Fortunately, orthodontics can treat and sometimes prevent this serious condition!

Orthodontists don’t just move teeth. In addition to correcting the position of teeth, they also guide facial growth, including the jaw and palate. Orthodontics can positively impact sleep apnea by influencing facial growth to ensure the airway stays open.

Nighttime bruxism

Have you ever woken up with a sore jaw? Bruxism could be to blame! With nighttime bruxism, a patient will grind or clench their teeth as they sleep. This habit wears down enamel, weakens teeth, and can lead to soreness or headaches. The pressure can also cause chipping, fracturing, tooth attrition, and misalignment.

Fortunately, orthodontics may be a suitable treatment, depending on the causes of your grinding. A misaligned bite or crooked teeth can exacerbate damage from bruxism and increase the likelihood of it happening. Treating those orthodontic issues with braces or aligners can help you enjoy a healthier smile and better quality of life.

Mouth breathing and snoring

Like sleep apnea, mouth breathing or snoring could indicate a constricted airway. When someone breathes through their mouth, the mouth dries out and prevents saliva from washing away bacteria. A dry mouth can cause several oral health problems, including a higher risk of inflammation, dental decay, and bad breath. Even snoring is connected with your smile! Overbites are a common cause of snoring. Orthodontists can open up the airway and nasal passages, correct your bite, and promote healthy nighttime breathing by using appliances like braces or aligners.

Get the smile (and sleep) you deserve!

Our orthodontists can set up healthy smiles and healthy nights with advanced treatment options! Interested in getting a healthier smile? Call our Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics team. Until then, sweet dreams!

Orthodontic Tips for When You’re Sick

The brutal February weather is taking hold, and as we take refuge indoors, colds are circulating schools and workplaces. We are all experts in giving people space, not going out when we are sick, and always having hand sanitizer at the ready (thanks, social distancing!). But sometimes, getting sick isn’t avoidable. If you become sick during orthodontic treatment, there are a couple of things you should be extra conscious of to avoid bacteria building up and slowing down your progress. We’ve compiled a quick list of orthodontic tips for when you’re under the weather to help you make a swift recovery.

  • Stay hydrated: Water is essential when you are sick, but it is even more so if you have braces or clear aligners. Colds often go hand in hand with stuffy noses, which increase mouth breathing. This dries out your mouth and increases the risk for cavities and gum disease as the harmful bacteria are left undisturbed. You can protect your mouth and rinse away bacteria by drinking lots of water.
  • Maintain your routine: It can be very tempting to skip steps in your oral health routine when you are sick, but don’t get into this habit. You need to brush, floss, and wear your retainer as usual, even if you are tired. Trust us—you’ll feel much better with a clean smile!
  • Gargle saltwater: An old-school tip—put a teaspoon of salt in a cup of water and gargle. Gargling saltwater helps decrease inflammation while flushing away bacteria in your mouth, and it’s also great for any post-adjustment soreness. By removing these bacteria, you also protect your teeth from plaque buildup.
  • Replace your toothbrush: If you’ve been sick, go ahead and toss your toothbrush. Your toothbrush can hold onto bacteria, slowing down your recovery or reinfecting you!
  • Sugar-free cough drops: When you have a cough that won’t leave you alone, there is nothing wrong with using a cough drop to soothe your throat and quiet your cough. However, you should make sure that whatever cough drop you use is sugar free, as the sugar can lead to plaque buildup or possible staining. And be sure not to bite down. Doing so can cause damage to your appliances!
  • Pay attention to medications: Certain medications (like Advil) reduce inflammation and may impact your orthodontic treatment. Ask your orthodontist to check your medicine to ensure it won’t affect your orthodontic progress. 

Stay healthy

Remember to take care of yourself and your teeth this cold and flu season. If you happen to get sick, we wish you a speedy recovery! Have any questions about tackling a cold with braces? Call us and speak with one of our experts at Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics.

New Year, New Smile! It’s Never too Late to See an Orthodontist

As the new year kicks off, there’s no better way to get a fresh start than with a brand-new smile to put your best foot forward. Yet, many adults think that orthodontic treatment is just for kids or fear that they’ll be wearing bulky, uncomfortable, or inconvenient braces. Drs. Hutta & Hutta are here to help! We’re proud to offer treatment options that will have any patient smiling wide, no matter their age.


Invisalign is one popular option for adults. This treatment uses a series of retainer-like aligners to shift your teeth into place—tray by tray. These aligners are completely clear, so you can discreetly achieve a straighter smile. They are also removable, meaning you can pop them out to enjoy any foods you’d like, as long as you brush and put them back in after doing so.

This treatment option also requires minimal trips to the orthodontist. You’ll come in for a visit about once every six weeks so we can ensure your treatment is going smoothly. In no time at all, you’ll be smiling confidently!

Damon Braces

Not every patient is a good candidate for clear aligners. Some patients require braces to achieve more dramatic smile transformations. Fortunately, braces have never been more comfortable, discreet, and convenient.

At our office, we proudly use Damon Braces. They have a plethora of perks that make life with braces much easier for adults. Using self-ligating technology, you won’t need to use any elastic or metal ties on the road to an aligned smile. Their innovative design leads to fewer complications, enhanced comfort, and streamlined treatment. Between work, activities, and shuttling kids to school, we know you’re busy. Damon Braces means fewer trips to the orthodontist and a shorter treatment time. We also offer clear brackets for a discreet look, so you don’t have to worry about your braces getting too much attention.

Book your appointment

Orthodontic treatment can certainly help you achieve a straighter smile. It’s also important to note that having aligned teeth goes beyond aesthetics. Correcting orthodontic problems can prevent irregular enamel wear, gum and bone loss, tooth decay, headaches, and jaw pain. Gain confidence in your smile AND keep your teeth healthy in 2022. Book your appointment with Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics today. It’s time to make a resolution for your healthiest, happiest year!

Holiday Treats and Gifts for Kids Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

The holiday season is upon us! It’s a time for togetherness, gift giving, treat baking, and celebrating. For kids undergoing orthodontic treatment, like braces or Invisalign®, there may be some treats they will have to skip this year, like hard and chewy candies. Instead of focusing on what they can’t have, we want to drum up excitement about their orthodontic treatment and the goodies they can still enjoy! Here are some fun holiday treats and gifts to help your kids appreciate their smiles.

Soft baked goods are in the clear

If baking a nice soft batch of cookies is one of your kid’s favorite holiday traditions, braces are no problem! Sticky, crunchy cookies or toppings should be avoided, as they may become stuck in braces, cause swelling, and even damage appliances. Fortunately, soft cookies and chocolates are safe for braces. Just make sure to have your kids brush their teeth after enjoying these sweets.

Surprise them with a novelty toothbrush

A fun toothbrush can turn a chore into a treat. Toothbrushes that play music make oral hygiene cheery and help kids brush for longer. To really get your kids enthusiastic about tooth brushing time, check out the MagikTM AR Toothbrush from Colgate®, which helps your kids learn effective brushing habits while playing augmented reality games.

Customize their aligners

If your child is undergoing treatment with Invisalign, exciting cases or stickers can be a fun way to help them personalize their smile and enjoy wearing their aligners! To keep your child and their orthodontic equipment safe, make sure you purchase stickers designed for the outside of aligners. The Invisalign website has several different packs of aligner-safe stickers, like animals, emojis, foods, or sports, as well as special cases

Pick out an orthodontic equipment bag

Sometimes kids can feel overwhelmed by their orthodontic care and equipment. Picking out a fun bag or container can be a great way to help them feel comfortable about the task at hand! Whether it’s their favorite color, pattern, animal, character, etc. on their new bag, giving them a personalized accessory for their orthodontic care routine can help them stay excited about their treatment. 

This holiday season, help your kids celebrate good orthodontic care! If your child is ready to begin their smile journey, book an appointment with Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics today.

Why We’re Thankful to Transform Smiles

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people are taking time to express their thanks all season long. Here at Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics, we have a lot to be thankful for—from our families and wonderful staff to our office and community. But the thing we’re most grateful for is our patients. We are so thankful for all of you and the opportunity you give us to transform your smiles. We’re proud to make a difference in the health and confidence of our smile family, and that really does make us feel thankful!

Thankful to transform your health

Every day, we’re able to help people on the road toward healthy and happy smiles. This looks different for each patient. While having aligned teeth can be cosmetic, our treatments also impact patients’ quality of life.

For those with temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), which causes headaches, discomfort, and pain, braces can fix misaligned teeth or bites. This can eliminate jaw clenching and bruxism (teeth grinding). For patients with crowded teeth, orthodontics can boost oral hygiene. And for those with bite problems, treatment helps them speak, eat, and chew more effectively. These are some of the many issues that make orthodontics a life-changing journey. We are so thankful to be a part of that! 

Thankful to transform your confidence

We are always so grateful when we see the confidence that a healthy, aligned smile brings to our patients. When patients come in as young kids, we watch them grow throughout their treatment and see the confidence their new smile brings them. With adults, we are grateful to help them solve issues that have often plagued them for years. In a survey conducted by Invisalign®, 92% of people reported having much more confidence with straighter teeth. And 60% of people said that they were perceived as being happier! Seeing our patients’ smiles, confidence, and overall health transform is the most rewarding process.

Thankful to deliver you the best care

Here at Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics, we’re grateful for each and every one of our patients. Because our smile family deserves the best, we only offer the very best services and treatment options. We’re always seeking to utilize the most effective techniques and technology possible. Treatments like Damon Braces or Invisalign and technology like our advanced dental imaging allow us to do just that.

This November, we’re thankful for you! As we all embrace gratitude this season, take time to share some smiles and thankfulness—you won’t regret it.

October is National Orthodontic Health Month!

This October, celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month by practicing your best orthodontic habits! Here at Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics, we want to help you do just that by sharing some of our favorite tips and advice so you can keep your teeth healthy and your journey going smoothly. 

Keep up with your daily dental care routine.

When life gets busy, sometimes it’s easy to skip over your dental care routine. But brushing and flossing as instructed will help keep your teeth healthy and your smile journey on track! If you don’t have braces or aligners, brush at least twice a day to combat plaque buildup. If you do have braces or aligners, brush morning, night, and after you eat. Plaque buildup can harden into tartar, leading to issues like gum disease and inflammation, which will slow down your treatment. While we love seeing you in our office, we know you want to finish your treatment quickly. Keeping up with your daily dental care routine is a vital step in that process.

Make easy food swaps to keep your teeth and equipment safe.

On your journey to a healthy smile, sometimes it is necessary to avoid certain foods. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up all the treats you love! There are many easy swaps you can make to enjoy what you eat—without sacrificing your appliances. Sticky candies, tough meats, crunchy snacks, and chewing on ice are all common ways that braces and teeth can be damaged. These foods can stick to or push against brackets, causing issues that can interrupt and prolong your treatment. Try soft, melt-in-your-mouth candies, steamed veggies, softer meats, and ice cream or frozen yogurt to help out your teeth.

Wear your retainer as directed.

When you finish your orthodontic treatment, it is vital to follow the retention directions given to you by Drs. Hutta and Hutta. If you neglect these instructions, your teeth may shift, and the treatment you worked so hard to complete can regress quickly. Make sure to clean your retainer, keep it somewhere you won’t lose it, and wear it as instructed to keep your smile aligned and healthy!

Follow your orthodontist’s instructions.

The bottom line for orthodontic care is to always follow our experts’ instructions. Every patient is different, so it’s important to follow your personalized treatment plan! Drs. Hutta and Hutta are directing your teeth into place; interrupting that process by not following instructions can slow down your treatment. Whether it’s how often to wear your aligners, when to wear your retainer, how you should be flossing, or anything else, the wise words of your orthodontist will keep you on track for a beautiful, aligned smile!