What to Do If You Have an Orthodontic Mishap on Vacation

May 21, 2023

No one wants to spend their vacation dealing with orthodontic discomfort! At Hutta and Hutta Orthodontics, we have some suggestions for dealing with common orthodontic mishaps when you’re out of town and can’t make it into our office. 

First, give us a call! We’re here for you even when you’re on vacation. Our office can help you troubleshoot the issue you’re experiencing and determine the best course of action.

If you can’t get in contact with the office because it’s after business hours or a holiday, here are some simple solutions to deal with the most common orthodontic problems:

What to Do with an Orthodontic Mishap on Vacation
  • Poking wires – It’s normal for wires to shift while your teeth are moving into new positions. It’s a great sign that the braces are doing their job, but we know that this can cause some discomfort. We recommend using wax to alleviate the pain caused by poking wires. However, if the wires are too long and are causing a significant amount of discomfort, they can be carefully clipped with nail clippers and covered with wax until you are able to come into the office. 
  • Broken brackets – This issue is typically caused by hard or chewy foods that damage the braces. If a broken bracket is causing pain, you can apply wax to the rough parts of the appliance. Alternatively, the bracket can be taken off the wire, but always make sure to keep track of the bracket and bring it in to your next orthodontic appointment! 
  • Wire slips out of place – Wires often pop out of the back brackets of braces. This is no reason to worry! If you are able, you can slip the wire back into the bracket hole with your fingers or a pair of tweezers. If the wire is causing pain, you can apply wax or clip the wire. However, if you chose to clip the wire, make sure to come by our office to get it repaired when you’re home from vacation! 
  • Missing Invisalign® tray – If you wear a clear aligner rather than braces, you should always carry your case with you and put your aligners in the case immediately whenever you remove them to eat or drink. If you accidentally lose an aligner, don’t panic! Simply put in your previous tray and get in contact with the office ASAP so that your orthodontist can order you a new set. 

If you do happen to experience ongoing orthodontic discomfort when you’re on vacation, we suggest searching online to find other orthodontic practices near you. Most orthodontists will be happy to help you in the case of an emergency situation. Then, when you’re back in town, you can schedule an appointment with your regular doctor to resolve the situation!

Schedule and Appointment When Back in Town