The Top 3 Reasons to Start Orthodontic Treatment This Summer

Beginning an orthodontic treatment for you or your child is an exciting time, but before you start, there are a number of considerations to take into account. One that is often overlooked is when to begin treatment. Though getting braces at any time of the year is incredibly beneficial, beginning your child’s orthodontic journey in the summer does offer a few unique advantages. We’ve compiled our top three reasons why you should consider starting your child’s orthodontic treatment this upcoming season.

1. It’s easy to schedule appointments

Between tests, after-school activities, and homework, the school year can be hectic—especially for a new orthodontic patient who may require several visits when beginning a treatment. In the summer, without school as a commitment, your child’s schedule is likely to be much more open, making it easier to schedule all the appointments you need!

2. Summer gives your child time to rest

When children receive braces or any other orthodontic treatment, some may also want time to rest—even if that rest is only for a few hours or for a day. For some children, teeth may be a little sore at first, although they shouldn’t be painful or uncomfortable. Preparing soft (rather than hard or chewy) foods and helping your child use orthodontic wax to prevent discomfort are two easy ways to help your child rest after their treatment.

If your child plays sports or is involved in other activities, they may also want a day off to fully adjust to their braces. This is also normal! Remember—getting braces is a new experience for your child, so be patient and supportive as they begin their smile transformation.

3. There’s plenty of time to master life with braces

Getting used to braces or a retainer can take time for new patients. And, though patients can easily adjust to orthodontics throughout the year, the summer gives your child plenty of time to master life with braces. Because braces come along with new oral hygiene practices, foods that can’t be eaten, and different sensations in the mouth, the summer gives your child supervised time at home or with friends where they can learn how to care for their new smile.

Ready to begin your orthodontic journey?

If you are ready to get started with a new orthodontic treatment during the summer months, call us today to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to help you get your healthiest, happiest smile!