Masks Are Coming Off, and Smiles Are Coming Back!

This summer, there are so many reasons to smile! As mask mandates continue to be lifted, there are more and more opportunities to put your smile on display as you enjoy all the activities you love during these sunny summer months. To prepare your teeth for the spotlight and make sure you feel confident, it’s important to keep up with your orthodontic care. Here are some tips from Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics to ensure that you’re ready to shine this summer!

Remember to keep up with brushing

Whether you have braces or not, it’s always important to brush every day. Cleaning your teeth helps to clear away nasty plaque buildup, which, if ignored, can lead to tartar. Poor oral hygiene can cause further issues like gum disease and inflammation, slowing down your treatment. If you don’t have braces or aligners, make sure to brush twice a day. If you do, brush morning, night, and after you eat.

Keep your tongue clean

With so much focus on keeping our teeth healthy, it’s easy to forget that the tongue is also very important for our oral health and cleanliness. Not only can the bacteria from your tongue spread around your mouth, but poor tongue hygiene can lead to bad breath! As you take off your mask this summer, make sure your mouth is looking and smelling good. 

Don’t forget to wear your retainer

If you’ve completed your orthodontic treatment, it’s important to continue wearing your retainer in order to keep your smile healthy and aligned. As your smile sees the sun again this summer, make sure it doesn’t regress. After all your hard work, you deserve to feel good about your grin for life!

Get on track for your best smile!

It’s never too late to invest in your orthodontic health! Whether it’s for you or your child, now is a great time to get an aligned smile. Book an appointment today, and we will help you find the best option on the path to a straighter smile. Whether it’s with Invisalign or braces, everyone deserves to love their beautiful smile when they smile without a mask!

From all of us, we hope you’re having a happy, healthy summer! Looking to start your alignment journey? Book your complimentary appointment with Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics today!