Life With Braces

Now that you have started treatment, here are some helpful tips to make sure that your smile is happy and healthy!

Foods to Avoid

  • Crunchy foods that create lots of crumbs (popcorn, chips)
  • Sticky foods that will get stuck to your appliances (soft candies, gum)
  • Chewy foods that can damage appliances from chewing too hard (bagels, licorice)
  • Hard foods that can break appliances (nuts, hard candies)
  • Any foods that require you to bite into it (apples, corn on the cob, carrots)

Pain Relief

Your teeth will likely be a little sore right after you first get your braces, but you can combat this by rinsing your mouth with a solution of warm salt water. (But make sure you don’t swallow!) To make the solution, mix one teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water. If pain persists, a pain reliever is another good option.

As your mouth adjusts to all of the new appliances in your mouth, your cheeks, lips, and tongue might become a little tender while they get used to the braces. You can use wax to lessen tenderness, and we are happy to give you as much wax as you need to stay comfortable!

Loose Wires and Bands

If you notice any loose appliances please call our office right away so we can correct the problem for you! Wires, bands, and brackets can come loose from eating tough-to-chew foods. Appliances can also be damaged from sports injuries, so if you get knocked around a lot playing your sport, always make sure to check on your braces after the big game!

Taking Care of Appliances

Make sure you always wear all of your equipment so that your treatment is effective! Any retainers, rubber bands, or any other types of appliances should be worn as often and long as your orthodontist prescribes.

To help prevent damage or problems with your equipment, follow our hygiene tips below so that your appliances remain as bright and shiny as your teeth!

Hygiene Tips: Step-by-step instructions to keep your teeth and appliances clean!

How To Brush
    • Place toothbrush at a 45 degree angle
    • Brush in a circular motion around every bracket
    • Brush each tooth thoroughly
    • Use the tip of the toothbrush to brush the backs of your front teeth
How To Floss
    • You will need about a foot and a half of floss, and floss threaders (we will provide these for you!)
    • Thread the floss through the eye of the floss threader, and then insert the tip of the floss threader underneath each section of wire between every tooth
    • Floss around each bracket and under each section of wire
    • Floss around each tooth and in between gums

And there you have it; simple steps to keep your smile beautiful and healthy during treatment!