Great Holiday Goodies to Enjoy with Braces

From our team here at Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics, we want to wish you a very happy holiday season! We hope you have the opportunity to relax, spend some quality time with friends and family, and enjoy some delicious holiday food. Even though you’ll be surrounded by the temptation to eat sticky, chewy goodies that could damage your braces, don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways to safely indulge in holiday treats this season.  

There are so many holiday goodies that have our orthodontists’ seal of approval. Here are some great options for a braces-friendly winter treat:

  • Soft sugar cookies: A classic holiday treat, soft cookies with soft frosting (no hard sprinkle beads or candy on top!) are perfect treats for those with braces. Just be sure to avoid cookies that are hard, crunchy, or loaded with nuts and hard toppings.
  • Potato pancakes (latkes): These traditional holiday treats are soft, easy on the teeth, and delicious!
  • Holiday cheese balls and logs: As long as you avoid any nuts, holiday cheese balls are safe for braces. An added bonus—cheese is a dental superfood! Cheese helps balance the pH level of your mouth, minimizing your risk of developing cavities. Cheese is also rich in phosphates and calcium, which helps strengthen your teeth and bones.
  • Hot chocolate: Hot chocolate is a sweet winter treat with your orthodontists’ seal of approval. If you’re really missing candy canes this holiday season, try a peppermint flavored hot cocoa mix! But, save the marshmallows for next year–even though they’re soft, they can easily get caught in your orthodontic appliances because of their sticky consistency.
  • Soft pies: Pumpkin, apple, and chocolate pies are all totally safe to consume with braces. However, pie crusts or nut toppings may be problematic for orthodontics.
  • Pudding: You might have to steer clear of sticky toffee this holiday season, but you can always enjoy some toffee pudding. Since puddings are so soft, they won’t cause any damage to your orthodontic appliances.
  • Soft dinner rolls: When you’re scanning the holiday dinner table, soft dinner rolls are a safe bet for your braces. If you want to be extra careful, tear up the rolls into small, bite-sized pieces. 

Even though you have braces, you won’t have to miss out on all the delicious treats this holiday season! Just remember to brush and floss after your holiday meals to wash away leftover food debris. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with our office. We hope you have a happy holiday season!