Tackling Back to School With a Smile

The back-to-school season means cooler temperatures, a new routine, and a fresh start for everyone after three months! What better way to kick off the new school year than by beginning a smile transformation? Here is why the back-to-school season is a great time to start an orthodontic journey, plus some tips for returning to school with braces.

Take advantage of new routines

Starting the school year comes with all sorts of changes: new teachers, new people, and new classes—why not utilize this time for orthodontics, too? Both braces and aligners require changes to oral hygiene routines and eating habits. For student-athletes or wind musicians, there may also be a short period of adjustment with braces and aligners. By starting treatment in the fall, kids will grow accustomed to their appliances as just another element of the new school year. 

More flexibility at the start of the year

Get orthodontic care sorted out before the school year gets busy! Most fall sports and other extracurricular activities won’t begin right away. Before your child gets bogged down with activities and homework, get them in to see us.

The first few weeks of school are usually reserved for review and lessons that will help students ease back into the academic mindset. This may be a good time to transition to braces or aligners. When starting treatment, teeth and gums can be sore. Plus, kids may need extra time mastering oral hygiene for braces and aligners. Because of this, it’s wise to begin treatment early in the school year—rather than during a busy finals season or when an essay is due.

New school year, new me!

A new school year is a fresh start, which means something different for everyone. While braces don’t alter your appearance drastically, kids may see them as a “new look” or a mark of maturity. Let them smile with pride, rocking school colors on their o-rings or with nearly invisible aligners!

Going back to school with braces

Though braces and aligners sometimes require extra care, having them at school shouldn’t be difficult! Pack your child a kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, orthodontic wax, floss, and mouthguard to keep in their backpack or locker. Make sure kids brush their teeth after lunch and tell them to reach out to a school nurse if they have a persistent problem or need some TYLENOL® for soreness!

The back-to-school season is a great time to start orthodontic care! Commit to a smile transformation and call Hutta & Hutta Orthodontics at (614) 423-8177 to schedule an appointment today.